It isn’t practical to continually monitor product temperature, especially when the goods are in transit. Firstly, it may require destructive testing meaning some products are rendered unfit for sale. Also, the constant handling of the fragile temperature probes is likely to result in inconvenient and time consuming breakages.

Refrigerated distribution vehicles can maintain the chilled or frozen status of pre-cooled loads by surrounding the load with an air blanket at the desired temperature. The transport industry considers this to be the most intelligent way of guaranteeing your high standards are met.

Air temperature monitoring is essentially a process of assessing the performance of the Reefer and its refrigeration system. The difference between the temperature of the return air to the cooler and the cold air to the load is therefore very important in this process. If there is a large differential, it would normally indicate either a warm load, incorrect stowage, uneven air distribution or poor discipline in closing the compartment doors.

Transcan® provides highly accurate live temperature monitoring and is applicable to many temperature critical environments. The implementation of a first class system will generate huge benefits to the end user, offering an attractive return on investment.