ActiveEye Your Reliable Eyewitness

Personal injury claims have risen by 60% since 2006, despite a 20% drop in accidents overall (statistics provided by the AA). We have developed a vehicle CCTV camera system that leaves nothing to chance.

Seven ActiveEye offers court admissible video data that is ideal for both fleet and personal vehicles, helping to settle insurance claims and reduce fraudulent incidents.

Providing a neutral version of events without bias, you and your drivers become exonerated of the staged and premeditated crashes, along with false and exaggerated whiplash claims.

Customers with vehicle CCTV systems are already reporting decreases in their driver insurance premiums.

The cameras benefit from being fully integrated with Google Earth and can provide vehicle location via GPS, as well as all the other Vehicle Dynamics that a fleet manager needs to monitor; acceleration, braking, speed and G forces upon impact.

With infra red night vision also available, the video data from any journey is stored on either an SD card or a Hard Drive and can be viewed at any time.

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Vehicle CCTV





ActiveEye 1

Compact forward facing camera can be discreetly mounted in a variety of in-cab positions.

  • Wide angle view
  • Records GPS location, speed and G-Force
  • Protects against theft, damage and lack of witness

ActiveEye 2

Van CCTV Camera

The ActiveEye 2 is a 2 camera system which captures ultra high quality video recordings along with time & date, vehicle speed, location, and G-Force sensor readings

  • Option to add internal monitor to allow the viewing of cameras within the vehicle
  • Protects against fraudulent personal injury claims
  • Improves driver behaviour and reduces accidents
  • Court admissible footage

Side View Camera

Vehicle Side View CCTV

The side camera is designed to be externally mounted underneath the vehicle standard wing mirrors.

  • Improves driver visibility of vehicle blind spots (via optional monitor)
  • Indicator activated
  • Reduces accidents between vehicles and cyclists
  • Improves safely whilst manouvering

SD Card / Hard Drive

Lorry CCTV StorageVehicle Reversing Camera

High capacity data storage options.

  • Records after vehicle ignition is switched off
  • Instant record of all journeys
  • Option for SD Card or Hard Drive

Reverse Camera

A complete reversing camera kit with 5ÔÇØ LCD monitor, IR camera and cable.

  • 5ÔÇØ LCD Monitor
  • IR Illumination
  • IP rated
  • Waterproof and shockproof camera

Quad Monitor

CCTV Quad Monitor

High Resolution monitors in various sizes can give live camera footage or view recorded video.

  • Improves drivers visibility of blind spots
Lorry CCTV