Transcan® Advance Temperature Data Logger (Trailer)

For 20 years and counting Transcan® Temperature Recorders have serviced the refrigerated transport and coldstorage markets. The Transcan® Advance is no exception. Providing clear, precise and meaningful temperature data to protect your products integrity when it matters most.

Trailer Temperature Recorder
  • Up to 8 independent temperature sensor inputs
  • Up to 8 switch inputs (e.g door, defrost, fridge power and user defined)
  • Humidity sensor
  • Clear visibility of out-of-range alarms through 8 temperature alarm sets
  • Physical printed numerical & graphical proof of temperature through delivery tickets, journey tickets and multi-day printouts
  • Noiseless, high speed thermal printing through single print button
  • Solid state memory – to store up to 2 years of temperature datawhen collected through 8 probes
  • Enhanced blue on black OLED display to make it much easier to read the screen
  • USB port to easily download temperature data onto any PC
  • Easy

    For reliable cost effective monitoring and recording choose the Transcan Advance, the industry standard Temperature Recorder incorporating the unique ADR (Automatic Daily Recording) System. The Transcan Advance now includes a host of features designed to make the easiest to use temperature recorder EVEN EASIER.

  • Certified

    Transcan Advance recorders have been type tested and approved against the EN 12830 norm for vehicle temperature recording systems and are certified as a Class 1 device. This is the highest classification of performance that can be awarded. Additionally Transcan Advance recorders have met the requirements of the German interpretation of the EEC directive 92/1/EWG and have received certification by the German Test House TUV Bau-und Betriebstechnik.

  • Multi Lingual

    Transcan Advance recorders include the facility to select the operating language (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian Portuguese, Polish or Dutch) with a unique in-built HELP system, this makes Transcan the only multi language self documenting temperature recorder.

  • Inputs & Probes

    Transcan Advance supports up to 8 separate temperature inputs from precision NTC thermistor sensors. Each input is characterised for operation between -45C and + 50C. You can also add up to 8 switch inputs such as door switches, defrost, fridge on/off or alarms.

    Sensors are available with cable lengths up to 18 metres and are fully interchangeable. To comply with the requirements of the UK Food Hygiene Amendment Regulations each Transcan thermistor sensor has a dampened thermal response (T90 of approximately 8 minutes).

    Optional product probe temperature sensors are available in two formats. An Insertion Probe which is rounded with a semi-pointed end, normally used for direct insertion into products such as meat carcasses, and a Between Pack Probe which is flattened to allow introduction between boxes or cartons of food

    Product probes have a faster response time than air temperature sensors (T90 of approximately 1 minutes) and are advantageous for operators of multidrop delivery vehicles where air temperature sensing alone may not provide a meaningful indication of product temperature.

What’s in the box?

Temperature Recoder Components
FA-0744/22: Enclosure (Trailer Complete) Variant
TSAT/4: Trailer or Cab Module
KL-1466: Cable Accs. Power for Trailer
PS-0258: Connector 8-Way
PS-0200/18-S: Probe Air 18 Metre Screened
DE-1461: Cable Assembly (power) for Trailer
PS-0200/06-S: Probe 6 Metre Screened

EN12830 Verified
HACCP Compliant
WELMEC compatible

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