The relationship we have with Seven Telematics is not transactional but personal, which is exactly what we wanted. There is a dialogue between us. We know we’re not going to get messed around.Because Seven Telematics are not some massive faceless company, we always receive a personal, fully responsive and attentive service. They also speak in plain English and make all the aspects of the service clear to us. They go out of their way to be flexible to fit our requirements and keep enhancing the service they offer us. If anyone was to ask me whether to choose Seven Telematics as a telematics partner, I would advise them to go for it. They are far better than the other well-known brands. There is a very much a feelgood factor in working with Seven Telematics. We have found our committed telematics partner. They’ve made life simpler which is always good when you’re running a business!Lee Juniper, Operations Director

Carlson Vehicle Transfer

Over the years, we have developed an extremely valuable relationship with Seven Telematics, to the extent that they have been able to adapt their tracking system to work specifically with our own traffic management programme. By design, their tracking system automatically generates ongoing management information and reports that give us exactly the right quality of data that we require.Carl Richardson. Director

James International Forwarding

We have been really pleased with the outstanding performance of the remote temperature monitoring systems from Seven Telematics since we switched supply and will now exclusively only use Cool Track in our fleet. This system certainly provides us with exactly what we were looking for, in terms of management reports and key transit information at all times. Cool Track gives us full trace-ability of loads where ever they are located, enabling us to communicate the latest information and load status direct to our customers.
Having operated the Seven Telematics TranScan data logging systems successfully in our fleet for over 20 years, we were fully aware of the quality and reliability of their products.George James. Director

The Reed Boardall Group

Last year we made the decision to switch from the incumbent supplier of our trailer tracking software. We chose to trial the Cool Track system from Seven Telematics as we had always had good reliable service from the company over the previous 10 years, with regards to the substantial number of Transcan 2 data loggers in our fleet. The first trial Cool Track units went into service during last year and performed really well in our fleet operation. The response from the technical team at Seven was superb, as they reacted so quickly to our specific operational needs, showing first class attention to detail. We have our own front-end system for the refrigerated trailer fleet that can take data from a variety of telematics devices, so the switch-over to Seven Telematics for remote trailer tracking and monitoring took place with absolutely no interruption in service at all, which was an essential factor for us.Marcus Boardall, Group Finance Director

Priority Transport

Although we were using Seven’s Transcan 2 for our temperature controlled vehicles, we were actually using another provider for our tracking systems. However looking at their Cool Track and Asset Track products we soon realised that these provided more in-depth reporting, with a superb web interface and a really practical App for mobile viewing. We soon committed to switching over to Seven and we immediately benefited from their superb technical support during the fleet installation programme. Four months on, we have been really impressed by the regular communications from them as well as the excellent service that we have received. Steve Brown, Director

National Milk Labs

We require that samples are transported below 8°C and we decided that, by specifying Seven Telematics exclusively, this would give us the best, and most reliable, temperature monitoring and tracking systems currently on the market Steve Nicol, Transport Manager

Lincoln Medical

Using Seven Telematics Transcan 2 with Cool Track has removed all the potential concerns we have during long distance deliveries. It is an extremely simple system to use and highly customisable to our individual requirements.Dave Parry, Sales Support and Supply Manager

C D T Sidoli (Welshpool)

Now in full operation in the fleet, we are extremely pleased with the performance of Cool Track. Wherever our transport staff are located, we get text and email alerts if there is an issue, which we can then follow up and action accordingly. The addition of the remote temperature monitoring system has also made a strong impression on our customers, giving them increased confidence in our products as well as the load security and integrity of their order throughout the temperature chain.Andrew Dodd Logistics Manager

Pioneer Foods

Since we added the Cool Track telematics, everything has gone really well. The depth of information that we get is superb, giving us extensive real-time information on load stability throughout the delivery cycle. In fact it’s a real bonus that we get far more information than we originally expected from the Cool Track system, with additional routine reports covering all aspects of vehicle performance, in terms of fuel consumption, driver over revving and engine idling for example.Jonny Forsyth. Operations Manager


In today’s competitive environment, we believe that the addition of Cool Track remote monitoring on our vehicles will automatically give added value to our customers. The demonstration vehicle was trialled with a significant number of customers and everybody was really impressed with the performance and information generated from the Cool Track remote monitoring system, Sunrent utilise the switch inputs upon the Transcan 2 temperature recorder to their full capacity. These, connected to Cool Track provide live visibility of the refrigeration system status, i.e. Fridge Diesel on/off, electric standby on/off, defrost on/off, side and rear door open/closed. In addition to the interface with vehicle CANbus and digital tachograph integration this gives Sunrent a complete fleet and driver management solution. Jason Saunders. Director


The long-term relationship between Kestrel and Seven Telematics is testament to the robust nature and overall performance of the Transcan range over the years, as well as to the excellent service support that we have received during this time. The decision to switch our tracking supplier to Seven Telematics is a clear indication of our confidence not only in the longevity of the product but also the company.Graeme Still, Managing Director

Enterprise Flex-E-Rent

The last 12 months has been really busy for the whole business, non-stop from the moment we went live with Refrigerental. We felt that there was definitely big potential for a fresh approach to temperature controlled vehicle rental and contract hire and it was imperative that our fleet offering was equipped with the very latest and best equipment possible. It is our belief that the Transcan 2 temperature recorder is a proven and totally reliable piece of kit, recognised as the industry standard for temperature controlled commercial vehicles. This is extremely important to us as, when we supply vehicles to our customers, they are automatically used to the Transcan 2 and its operational features, making familiarity and ease of operation so easy and natural.Mark Howell, Contract Hire Director

Bako North-Western

Cool Track offers us an efficient method of ensuring that our extensive range of products are delivered at the correct temperature and on time whilst allowing us to effectively manage our fleet of vehicles in line with our continual improvement policy in environmental performance.Tony Cookson, Transport Logistics Controller

Dennis Distribution

investment in this market leading temperature monitoring technology will help ensure that Dennis Distribution remain at the forefront of the refrigerated transportation sector and provide our clients with unrivalled security, traceability and peace of mind that their cargo will be delivered on time and at the correct temperature.Wilson Russell, Business Development Manager

Freightliner Road Services

Freightliner Road Services have used Seven Telematics SevenEye system for the last five years, this has enabled FRS to efficiently track and manage a fleet of vehicles at an extremely competitive price.
After several weeks of trial and a few minor adjustments we had the exact system required. A system which recognized the variances of our business, developed by engineers who understand transport, and who appeared totally committed to our objectives. We have demonstrated a fleet wide real MPG improvement of up to 25%, but equally impressive is that we have seen a significant decrease in the quantity of insurance claims! Our drivers are now more conscientious due to the quality of information presented by the SevenEye reporting suite. The reports have enabled FRS to improve driver efficiency by allowing us to tailor training and briefs to each individual drivers requirements. Why else would FRS have committed to Seven Eye for another 7 years!Richard Branston, General Manager