Industries We Serve

Frozen & Chilled Food

Businesses are facing ever increasing pressures to meet strict EU legal requirements, as well as intense just-in-time demands. The consumer market grows in both size and expectation. With broader tastes and a technology informed generation, provision for non seasonal produce has intensified and placed new pressures and challenges on distribution.The market demands quality across all price sectors and above all safety. Food safety and hygiene leads the charge and consequently providing high quality frozen and chilled produce on time and at the right temperature can be a difficult task without the correct tools.

Whether trunking with trailers, multi drop deliveries from rigid trucks or doorstep deliveries by panel van. The constraints get greater by the year. All of these applications have specific idiosyncrasies that need to be catered for to achieve optimum performance in delivery windows.

The frozen and chilled industry has shaped modern day “best practice” for the transportation of temperature related products such as the emerging pharmaceutical distribution network.

Combining Seven Telematics SevenEye system with an EN12830 approved Transcan temperature data logger goes a long way to help ensure customer satisfaction whilst minimising spoilage or return costs.

Seven Telematics Transcan data loggers offer total temperature trace-ability throughout the cold chain and all Transcan temperature data loggers are EN12830 approved.

Transport of Animals

Transcan data loggers are DEFRA (EC No1/2005) approved. Seven Telematics LiveTrack system ensures that livestock hauliers keep animals at the correct temperature throughout their journey.

The combination of SevenEye with Transcan also provides detailed journey statistics, ensuring that animals are kept in-transit for a minimal amount of time.

Pharmaceutical Logistics

The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is responsible for the regulation of medicines, medical devices and blood components in the UK. The MHRA is also responsible for the development of the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) charter. GDP is a quality warranty system which includes requirements for purchase, receiving, storage and export of drugs intended for human consumption.

According to the current legislation in place, it is the responsibility of the supplying wholesale distributor to protect the medicinal products in transit. This includes preventing against breakages, adulteration and theft. However, the key issue that affects the longevity of medicinal products is adverse temperature. By utilising the advanced capabilities of the Transcan package, Seven Telematics can mitigate temperature excursions , ensuring desired conditions are maintained during transport.
It is essential that pharmaceutical products remain in a stable controlled environment during transport, our temperature data loggers play an important role in ensuring our customers comply, meet and exceed the MHRA’s 2015 GDP guidelines. Combined with our class-leading web platform, Seven Telematics’ Seven Eye system can offer total supply chain visibility.

Fresh Produce

Our products are used to monitor intense multi-drop home delivery routes for large UK supermarket chains. They ensure that maximum efficiency of both route and refrigeration equipment is achieved.

Cold Storage & Cold Rooms

The Olympics, Paralympics, Ryder Cup, F1, and Burghley horse trials are to name but a few events which regularly use Transcan data loggers. These have all been combined with SevenEye systems to monitor temperature critical deliveries and storage. The synergy of temperature and SevenEye helps guarantee that produce arrives/is stored with the same high quality as it leaves our customers production facilities. Fresh and fit for consumption.